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Route Information

Kindergarten parents and guardians: You must meet the afternoon bus to pickup your Kindergarten students. The driver will not release them if you are not there. They will be transported back to the home school or the Transportation office. 

Bus routes for school year 2023/2024 are now available.

e-Link Instructions

You will be able to find your students route information this year using e-Link. The information will include bus stop location, depart and arrival times, bus number and bus route. 

Route information for Encompass students is not available on e-Link. You can contact Transportation for their bus route info.

Recommend using a full size PC or iPad/Tablet.

Open e-Link

Detailed e-Link instructions 


Some rural addresses may not return results. If you have any questions about the route information or using e-Link, please contact Transportation at 425-844-4540 for assistance. 

Note: Parents should arrive at their students bus stop early for the first few days until consistent drop off times are established. 

Limited Routes (Snow/Adverse Conditions)

Will be updated for 2023/2024 by October 2023.

Specific information on limited routes will also be available on


Check back here for specific  instructions for accessing limited routes. 



3944 320th Ave. NE
Carnation, WA 98014

Tel: 425-844-4540

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