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Ten Simple Rules for Staying Safe on the Bus

  1. Listen to the driver and follow their instructions

  2. Do not distract the driver

  3. Stay seated facing forward. Keep your hands to yourself

  4. Backpacks on your lap or on the floor

  5. Be repectful. Use kind words and actions

  6. Keep the aisle clear. Do not lean out in the aisle

  7. No load noises. Voice level 2

  8. Do not bring dangerous or prohibited items the bus

  9. No eating on the bus. Water only

  10. Windows open no more than halfway. No body parts out of the window


Detailed Rules

Staying Safe Waiting for the Bus 

  1. Arrive 5 minutes early

  2. Stay out of the roadway and off private property

  3. Classroom behavior

Detailed Rules

Staying Safe Getting On and Off the Bus

  1. Stay in line and get on the bus one at a time

  2. At school, stay seated until your driver tells you it is time to depart

  3. No pushing or shoving. Use the handrails

  4. Stay out of the danger zone

Walk directly off the bus and at least 15 feet away from the bus

Never walk behind the bus or directly in front of the bus

Always be on the look out for passing cars

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