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Please check your bus/route for your bus stop times and locations for morning and afternoon. Kindergartners are still required to have a parent/guardian at the bus stop.


These are the changes that will occur to Riverview School District's bus routes if "limited bus transportation" is put into effect during the school year. The list gives the location of alternative stops by affected areas. Please make sure your student/s have a ride home from these stops. If you have someone else picking up your student, the bus driver needs to know. If you have any questions call Transportation.



  • Stops on the south side of Union Hill Rd above Ames Lake Carnation Rd NE are at 264th AVE NE and NE 50th St


  • Stops in Ridge Haven are at 277th AVE NE and NE Union Hill Rd


  • Stops at 40th and 281st are at NE 40th St and Ames Lake Carnation Rd NE


  • All stops on 226 PL SE Monroe will be at 226th and High Bridge Rd


  • All stops above the 1st hair pin on Mt View Rd NE and around Lake Margaret are at NE 178th PL & Mountain View Rd NE


  • All stops for Stillwater Elementary on NE 142nd St/ 320th Ave NE are at NE 139th St & 322nd Ave NE


  • All stops on Swan Mill Rd & NE Stossel Creek Way are at the Tolt Pipeline Trail pull out on Kelly Rd NE


  • Stops on NE Bird St, NE Virginia St, NE Stewart St, Kennedy Dr, and NE 145th St meet up on 3RD Ave NE at those intersections



  • Lake Marcel Area, 302nd Way NE and Fay Rd NE for CHS RLC and TMS - bus stop at Stillwater Elementary bus loop


  • Lake Marcel Area, 302nd Way NE and Fay Rd NE for SWE PINK BUS 46 no bus service except Kelly Rd


  • All stops around Lake Joy will meet bus at W Lake Joy Rd NE & E Lake Joy Rd NE by the Lake Joy Sign where the road splits


  • All stops on Tolt River Rd NE past 336th AVE NE meet at 336th AVE NE & Tolt River Rd NE


  • Stops on 344th AVE NE to NE 16th St turn around meet bus at 344th AVE NE and Lake Langlois Rd NE

  • Daniels Ranch -entrance to Daniels Ranch  

  • NE 100th St & 284th AVE NE meet at NE Carnation Farm Rd and 284th AVE NE

Routes  |  e-Link

The Riverview Transportation Team is excited for the launch of e-Link and the parent app.  As we finish up the final touches on that, you can find your routes below. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Bus numbers are listed as tabs across the bottom.  Please do not hesitate to contact the transportation office with any questions!


Carnation Limited Routes

Cherry Valley Limited Routes

Stillwater Limited Routes

Eagle Rock Limited Routes

Tolt Middle School and Riverview Learning Center Limited Routes

Cedarcrest Limited Routes

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